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EST 2 Energy and Society
Ivanpah SolarHoover Damphoto by Bruce du Fresne

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1. Oil
2. Natural gas
3. Coal
4. The electrical grid
5. Nuclear power
6. Hydroelectric power
7. Geothermal power
8. Motors and generators
9. Agriculture
10. Biofuels
11. Transportation
12. Buildings
13. Wind
14. Solar
15. Energy and the Environment


1. Bicycle generator
2. Solar panel
3. Combustion
4. Lighting
5. Hydroelectric generator
6. DC motor
7. Induction motor
8. Insulation

Field trip

Caltech’s co-generation plant tour, 2:30PM, Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

Prof. Dave Rutledge, 423 Moore, rutledge AT caltech DOT edu, office phone: x4806; Office hours: 3:30-4:30 PM the day before homework is due.

Engineer: Kent Potter, 439 Moore, potter AT caltech DOT edu, x3886

Assistant: Dale Yee, 423 Moore, dale AT caltech DOT edu, x3886

Caltech's fuel cells, made by Bloom Energy, run on natural gas and produce electricity at 50% efficiency. The output of each box is 100kW.
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